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Selling Your Home

What’s For Sale? I want to view my competition on the market.  Simply call or email Angie today & request this information be sent to you! It’s a FREE Report of Homes for Sale in your market area.

What is My Home Worth?  Determining what your property is worth requires knowledge of market conditions, researching area comparables and other information. There is no quick & easy answer to this question. In any market, your property is worth what a Buyer is willing to pay for it. Angie can provide you with a FREE Market Analysis!

When is a Good Time to Sell My Property?  Unfortunately, there is not a crystal-ball to gaze upon to know for sure when you should sell your home. Only you can determine when you should sell, or when you need to sell. If you are in a short sale position, or near foreclosure, it is not wise to wait until you are several months behind on your mortgage payments before calling a Real Estate professional. There are many ways Angie can assist you with a short sale before it is too late. Do not wait…contact Angie McGhee today!

Why Should I Select ANGIE MCGHEE to List My Home?  Angie & her team work very hard “behind the scenes” to promote and advertise your property, every day! Most consumers do not realize the daily tasks required to manage a real estate business successfully.  In order to remain a top producer in today’s market, Angie constantly strives to know the market conditions, research & analyze advertising techniques, establish effective marketing plans & much more! These tasks take hours upon hours to learn and implement. Angie has the experience, knowledge, marketing techniques & energy to best represent your property! On average, Angie works 50+ hours during the week for her clients, and often takes calls in the evenings to better serve them. She is also available for evening and weekend showings upon request.

GET IT SOLD with Angie McGhee!

Tell me about the property you would like to sell.